Emergency Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX

In the unfortunate event of a family member experiencing a dental emergency, Carrier Family Dental is ready to help. We always make an effort to see patients as quickly as physically possible, and almost always the same day.
We recommend that if something does arise; try to relax and stay calm, and either you, or a loved one contact us immediately. If you're not sure whether what you're experiencing is a true emergency; don't take chances. Call us and come in so we can assess the severity of the situation and suggest the best remedy. The sooner a problem is addressed the better the final outcome is likely to be.
Once you've given us a call, we will walk you through first aid and pain management procedures to maximize your comfort and safety until you reach the office. The good news is that with the medications and technology we have today, almost any condition can be treated more successfully, and less painfully than at any time in history.

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