Endodontics in Grand Prairie, TX

Endodontics deals with the complex inner structure of the tooth, including the tooth pulp, tissue, nerves, and arterioles. This is a specialized branch of dentistry that requires additional training after dental school to perform endodontic procedures such as root canals. In the past, a tooth with inner damage would be removed immediately, but now in most cases the tooth can be saved by extracting the inner structure of the tooth and resealing the resulting gap.

Signs and sympotoms of endodontic problems:

Reasons for Treatment

Root canal therapy is performed in order to save the natural tooth, which is preferred to implants or dentures. Some of the main causes of inner tooth damage are:

What does the procedure involve?

Root canal procedures begin with complete X-rays of the teeth and an examination. Once the procedure begins, an opening is created on the surface of the affected tooth, in order to retrieve and remove the inner pulp. Once the pulp is removed, the space will be shaped and cleaned, and the area of the root canal sealed off. These procedures can take between one and three visits to complete.

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