Periodontal Disease Treatment in Grand Prairie, TX

Periodontal disease is caused by plaque that attacks the gum and bone around the teeth. Plaque is caused by the buildup of food debris, bacteria, and saliva which, if not removed, can turn into tartar. If tarter and plaque are not removed from around the teeth they can begin to eat away at the gums and even the bone. A symptom of periodontal disease is usually swollen, red, and bleeding gums.

Since the disease is usually painless early on, most people are unaware that they have it. In fact, four out of five people have some type of periodontal disease! When left untreated, this can cause severe, long-term damage to the teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease has been linked to other health issues such as stroke, bacterial pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and increased risk during pregnancy. It’s also the number one cause of tooth loss!

The best way to avoid periodontal disease is with regular dental visits, a healthy and balanced diet, and good oral hygiene.

Symptoms of periodontal disease

Scaling & Root Planing

Dental scaling is the most common non-surgical way to treat gum disease, also known as periodontitis. The dentist uses specialized tools to clean deep near the root of the tooth, going below the gum line. This will remove plaque and tarter buildup and help your gums regain their health. During the procedure, you will be numbed by the dentist or hygienist, using a local anesthesia. The entire procedure is often completed in a single visit, however in some severe cases, more than one visit might be needed.

Antibiotic Therapy

Antimicrobial therapy is a form of oral treatment which eliminates or reduces the growth and spread of bacterial infections in the mouth. Your doctor may use this therapy if you have an abscessed or infected tooth

What antibiotics are used to treat an abscessed tooth?

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