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Here at Carrier Family Dental, we believe that preventative care is essential for maintaining good oral health. That's why we provide thorough dental examinations and cleaning to patients throughout Grand Prarie, TX. Ongoing dental care is crucial, but teaching our patients how to practice good oral hygiene at home is the best way to keep our patients healthy. Call us today to schedule your next exam, and being learning how you can keep your smile healthy all year round.

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Checkups & Cleanings

At Carrier Family Dental we stress the combination of regular checkups and good oral hygiene at home. So while you’re getting your teeth examined, we also go over everything you need to know to keep your teeth and gums healthy year-round.

Children’s Dentistry

Our recommendation is that adults should have their teeth cleaned two times a year. As people age, their risk of oral infection increases, due to the protective enamel wearing away over time. This makes it harder to maintain good oral health and easier to get cavities. The solution for this is continued brushing and flossing daily, and scheduling visits with us on a regular basis! Our appointment times are flexible, making it easier than ever to keep your teeth clean and to maintain good oral health.

Dental Sealants

Our doctors know how to work with patients of all ages, and understand ways to help children feel comfortable during their visits. We encourage exams and cleanings to be a regular part of oral health, starting at a very young age. Even baby teeth need to be maintained to ensure that they grow properly until they are replaced with adult teeth. Cavities and gum disease can occur in baby teeth as well as adult teeth, with children being less equipped to deal with the discomfort that can occur. Just like adults, we recommend that parents bring their children to cleanings with us at least twice a year.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Sensitive teeth are usually caused by the wearing away of enamel, which can happen because of age, what you’re eating, or improper oral health. At Carrier Family Dental, we understand how to work with sensitive teeth by providing gentle dentistry. Many adults avoid the dentist over concerns about their sensitive teeth being in pain during or after the cleaning. We make our patients comfortable regardless of sensitive teeth by offering a variety of sedation methods. Whether you need direct pain medication or just something to relax, our caring team at Carrier Family Dental can create a treatment plan so that you can remain comfortable.

Preventing Emergencies

The best way to prevent dental emergencies is with regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams. Skipped visits or prolonged delays between cleanings can cause infections to develop, which can create a painful dental emergency. If a minor cavity is caught early on, it can be treated with little to no discomfort. When it is given time to spread to the center of the tooth, a root canal will almost certainly be necessary. In addition to preventing infection, healthy teeth are simply less likely to become injured, cracked, or chipped during an accident. Schedule an appointment at least twice a year to prevent an emergency from happening!

Oral Cancer Screenings

During every routine checkup in our office, we provide an oral cancer screening to protect patients’ oral and overall health. As many as 30% of patients diagnosed with oral cancer annually do not engage in any high risk behaviors associated with oral cancer, such as using tobacco products. Regular screenings in our office ensure patients receive diagnosis in the earliest stages when they have the optimal chance for a full recovery.

Fluoride Treatment

An essential nutrient in the development of teeth is Fluoride. This nutrient can be absorbed in drinking water, foods we eat every day, or supplements to your meal, and help create healthy strong enamel on your teeth. Once teeth begin to form and erupt through the gums surface, topical fuoride is required to fortify and protect your tooth enamel. Brushing every day, flossing, and using fluoride toothpaste is a key component to keeping a healthy mouth. We also offer profession fluoride treatments during any regular six-month checkup.

Advanced Oral Hygiene Products

Prescription at-home dental hygiene products can benefit those patients who are suffering with frequent tooth decay, sensitive teeth, or gum disease. Our staff will take the time to discuss your current oral hygiene products and at-home care routine with you. If together we determine you should consider using prescription strength solutions, we are happy to provide these for you.

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